Raphael Jacobs is an interdisciplinary artist

Jà la gaie alouette au ciel a fredonné           Antwerpen (2020)

short film 

Director of Photography

Rhomi Martens

Concept and Direction
Raphael Jacobs


Music and Performance
Derya Atakan

Jà la gaie alouette au ciel a fredonné is a short film about a performance based on love poems by Ronsard, enriched and edited with their own texts and performed in improvisation over folk song melodies. Together we have sought an intuitive approach to loneliness, the expectation in loneliness, the self-effacement in busy nostalgia and self-care.

Can't you leave them there?
Sometimes I prefer to hold her and let
myself dangle instead of her then I can
carry the stick quietly and she
takes me in awe because the slightest
gust of wind pulls thorns from
metal trunks. Then I quietly take it
into my pocket
wipe away the weighted pain with
the flag so that it
can blow again

Tuesday morning
My shoes seem dispensable because I walk on flags
now I can lean them against
my beautiful window every day and sit
and let my legs dangle
because the wind only
comes at noon