Raphael Jacobs is an interdisciplinary artist
Lockdown Jams         Positionen Berlin (2020)  

For the contemporary music magazine Positionen Berlin I was covering the experimental Lockdown Jam Sessions of the composer-performer collective Bastard Assignments. Born out of the need to connect while being locked up, the series of Jam Sessions online is a consequence of the start of the world wide pandemic in March 2020.

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Right form the start the BA quickly looked for new ways to continue their work together and decided to move their practice to the platfrom Zoom. The four members developed a way of working, commissioning compositions and concepts from contemporary composers and sound artists worldwide. From this starting point, concrete pieces were developed in close collaboration with the performers of Bastard Assignments. I took this development process as a starting point to enter into dialogue with the pieces and their development in a lyrical-commenting, interpreting and deepening way. The ongoing diary is going to be published in second issue of Positionen 2021.