Raphael Jacobs is an interdisciplinary artist
return fashion            Kuehlhaus Berlin (2018)

Bachelor of Arts  

artist in residence at Spektrale 8 + exhibition at Kuehlhaus Berlin (2018) 

Ausstellungsansicht SeeFashion, Kühlhaus Berlin (2018)

When do we reach a dreams’ end? we are constituting the outward appearance, optimized through possessions and attributions. What happens in a stream of overflow, when cosume is overreaching, our image to the outside world and clothing to ourselves become inflationarily devalued? 

An archaic search for appropriation of values, appreciation, inscribed experience.

During three month I was living in a small town in the outskirts of Berlin in a small, abandoned shop challenging the transformation im consume especially regarding clothing.

I was debating, inviting, laughing, crying, they honored and ridiculed, they observed, approached, we stayed.

Gathering leftovers, items of remembrance, my focus was to regain the once sold and transform and conserve with care the now charged carriers of a stroy.

This Anti-collection questions the idea of a future based trend indication and reverses the predicative character of design into a contemplation about the matter of use.

All items were shown at Kuehlhaus Berlin as 
re-enectement of my studio, the shop
and found objects.

all images taken by Karmin Fuad